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Recurse Center Day 3

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Day 3 was a whirlwind! Two days behind me, and RC already feels pretty magical. That’s not a metaphor. I kind of feel like I’m at Hogwarts and I’m learning magic spells, just like Harry, Rupert, and Hermione.

Everytime I learn some new python syntax, or some new git commands, or I get my blog to do something I didn’t know how to do before, I feel just like a Hogwarts student who has learned some new magical spell. Getting code to work really does feel like a magical superpower!

What’d I do today? Well, I crashed my blog! I got it back up and running now though. I actually wrote a whole day 3 post at some point, but I lost it. It’s somewhere in my various git commit’s, but I don’t feel like searching back through them to see which has it :-/

I battled object oriented programming in python, and I lost. OOP is like this ceiling that I just can’t get past, but I’ll bust through eventually, cuz I’m smart!

I did a bunch of puzzle style challenges at CodeEval.

I learned a bunch of other stuff, too, but I can’t remember what I learned now! I’d been keeping a hand-written notebook with scratched out notes about what I’d learned each day. It was a great way to document everything I’d learned each day. You stay so engaged and busy at RC, it’s easy to forget just how much you grow everyday. But, writing a little note to yourself everytime you learn something new is a good way to record just how much you’ve grown everyday. Unfortunately, I lost my list! I think I’ll start up a Google Doc next week, which should be harder to lose.