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My experience at Recurse Center

Recurse Center Day 2

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Day 2 at Recurse Center!

Felt a little bit like the second day of middle school.

I was still pretty pumped though. This place is great, and it got even better today.

I jumped into learning some python right away. I’ve got the goal of building a chess browser interface that uses XBoard compatible chess engines, and I want to use python to handle all the logic. I don’t know much python, so that’s what I worked on all day!

The Best Part Of Recurse Center So Far

The people.

The physical space is cool. It’s great that it’s pretty quiet and the’re no kids shouting and fighting. Having unlimited time to work on programming is amazing.

But, the people are what makes this place.

An example: Being relatively unfamiliar with python, I didn’t know how to debug the various programs I was working on. I googled for the answer for a while, and found some decent resources, but struggled to understand any of them. I went and met with an RC facilitator, Thomas Ballinger for some help. He showed me a really cool visual debugger called pudb.

This is the reason I came to RC. Previously, it’d just been me at my computer, trying to learn to code by reading the interwebz. Now, I get to hang out with smart, real-life people! It’s such a different experience to be able to collaborate with bright, hard-working programmers, bouncing ideas and tips around, and getting inspiration from some really intelligent people. I kinda feel like I’m back at Swarthmore College

Can’t wait for day 3!