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My experience at Recurse Center

Week 5!

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It’s been over a week since I stuck a post up here! Sorry, Mom…

I’m into week 5 here at Recurse Center, which is crazy, because it feels like I just started yesterday.

Week 3 Random Thoughts

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1) I watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel the other night with Emily, and it was a really solid movie. If you’ve never seen either of these, you should check them out. Maggie Smith is a living God.

Recurse Center Day 3

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Day 3 was a whirlwind! Two days behind me, and RC already feels pretty magical. That’s not a metaphor. I kind of feel like I’m at Hogwarts and I’m learning magic spells, just like Harry, Rupert, and Hermione.

Recurse Center Day 1

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Today was my first day at Recurse Center!

I was more excited than my niece, Lisa, with a fresh piece of watermelon on a hot day.